God’s biker

I had a wonderful experience during my latest visit in the hospital. This guy looked like a biker and he had terminal colon cancer spreading to liver. He told me that the Lord had been good to him. I responded at once that I was interested to hear his story. Then he mentioned that he wanted to go to church for a change even his days are numbered. With the help of friend/neighbor, he found a baptist church of a small town. He felt being welcome on the first day visit. There was time when his friend prayed for his sickness during worship, he felt someone was squeezing his abdomen. Later on, his stool was miraculously changed back to normal which used to be bloody. He felt strengthened by God, and he has the confidence to fight with his terminal illness. He tried to make more donation to the church but I teased him not to corrupt God. He understood that there was no guarantee of his life span, but he is willing to follow Jesus for the rest of his life. I told him a story of offering in which a little boy put himself on the offering plate symbolized his total commitment. This is what God wants His children to do. I told him that he is not a believer but a disciple. Jesus is the mentor as well as Savior. He seemed not to be overwhelmed by my encouragement. I prayed for his faith journey and recovery. I requested to hug him before I left. Thanks be to God for His work on this patient.



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