Not in My Job Description

I assisted in an interment ceremony for one of my seniors on the last Sunday of July. We had all together ten people. I started with a prayer, then we sing a hymn. The daughters paid tribute to their beloved mother by saying they had been deeply moved by her unconditional love. They expressed their love and grief through reading their journals. In my sharing, I thanked the family members for entrusting me in the care of their mother. I also appreciated the ongoing support from the family. The two grand daughter sang Amazing Grace and I ended the ceremony with a prayer. The whole idea of this interment was initiated by her daughter a month or two before the death of her mom. She used to come with her mom for the Sunday fellowship I hosted. She was touched by my message. I should say she was touched by the Holy Spirit to be exact. I told the people attending the interment that I appreciated the invitation even it was not in my job description. I felt honored to help out the interment of the deceased. It was also a way to glorify our Father in heaven. Obviously, I am not a minister but I am in the ministry of God. We had light snack after the interment in the home of the bereaved family. We had a wonderful time of sharing. I thanked God for the opportunity to serve others and make friends.


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