Francis Chan interviewed by Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris

As the new vision of Pastor Francis Chan unfolded, more communication is needed. The way to handle it has profound impact to the faith community at large. I found his sharing was not only inspiring but also challenging my way of following Christ. After all, I do believe God Has His purpose in my life which may be different from others. It is only by His grace that we can work together for His kingdom.
I also found some interesting comments on his interview, like:
• Following Christ step by step for real will often lead us away from the institution called Church.
• Somehow I doubt that sanctification is achieved through the means of simplicity, poverty and suffering. If so, then everyone in poor third world countries is heaven bound and everyone in rich first world countries is hell bound.
• I agree that there was all kinds of interesting tension in this conversation. I think Francis Chan really stumbled in explaining his decision. He could have boiled it down very simply: “I’m following Jesus’s call on my life.”



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